Guillaume Belfiore


But who's the guy ?

Guillaume Belfiore

— A bit of a geek

Hello, I’m Guillaume. Or Gee. I’m a French journalist currently looking for new opportunities.

Over the past ten years, I have mostly covered web and mobile technologies as well as many other subjects ranging from smartphones, tablets, PC to OS, mobile applications, browsers and including security and startups.

On my freetime, I do front-end Web development and I have occasionally worked as a freelance in that field. Self-taught, I learn new things everyday.

— This Website

Ever since I got this domain - back in 2005 - this website has had many designs (really, I mean like 30-40...). I actually wish I could just stick to a particular front UI but whenever I discover a super cool JS or CSS trick I want to test it and master it. In the end, my website becomes shiny, trendy and quite fancy. Too much. Since, it doesn't necessarily reflects who I am on daily basis, I always come back to something simple.

When it comes to web design, I personally like to combine a minimalist approach with a vintage touch - And no, I'm not a hipster...

— The journal

I don’t blog on a regular basis but whenever something comes up I feel the need to write it down. And a tweet isn’t enough…

I mostly address technology subjects but who knows, this might change with time. Please, be aware that I am French. I do my best to write in a proper English, but this is also a way for me to practice. Thanks for your understanding.

From Wordpress to Typepad and including Blogger, Text Pattern or Joomla, I have tested several CMS. About 8 years ago, I decided to stick to Tumblr for its simplicity and flexibility in terms of customization. It just does the job without any extra useless features.

I have developed the template myself. Should you encounter any problem, feel free to ping me

Oh and I wear hats, drink beer, coffee and whisky and listen to rock music.