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On Nebo app

There are several note-taking apps to choose from for the iPad. Yet, MyScript's Nebo app certainly is the most powerful one with on-the-fly handwriting transcription and natural gestures

On ProtonMail & Mailvelope

As I want to move away from Gmail, I'm looking for email encryption solutions. Here is a personal look at ProtonMail vs Mailvelope. I've been considering both solutions altogether.

On DWService

Ever since I transformed my former MacBook Pro into a server I had been looking for something quite special: an easy way to remotely access its screen right from a web browser, without installing anything on the client. I finally found it. And it is amazing.

On Siri

Now that 2018 WWDC is behind us, I have been waiting for Apple aficionados to write about something specific but to my surprise I did not really find any mention of it, apart maybe from WSJ’s Joanna Stern. To me, it seems that Apple is following Microsoft when it comes to search and AI.

On Yahoo!

I just finished reading Jeremy Ring’s book We Were Yahoo!: From Internet Pioneer to the Trillion Dollar Loss of Google and Facebook. Here are a few thoughts on Yahoo!. Much has been said about the Purple Company already. So unless you have a special connection to that brand, I don’t expect you to read that post.

On Fake leaks

It’s funny how digital communication works these days. Especially in the world of new technologies. You’d think there are plenty of unofficial insiders leaking documents and photos just because they know the right people inside a company. But that could not be far from the truth.

On AirPlay

Sometimes, I wonder why great minds overlook simple things. We’re in 2018 and I still can’t easily and instantly project what’s on my phone on my Mac, on my PC or on my TV. That is, not natively. Well, Actually, there is a simple, universal way to use Apple’s technology.

On Mac Desktop cleaning

If you are like me then you like to set up a pretty wallpaper on your Mac desktop. Yet, it’s quite easy to download files to the desktop . Then we forget to delete them. Here is how to clean it like a pro.

On the Mac Touch Bar

If you have a MacBook Pro Touch Bar and are reading this, you are probably looking for some interesting things to do with it. Here are some cool apps that I found and now use every day.

On Alfred and Maps

Using Google Maps is part of my daily routine. I’m either looking for some directions, by car, by foot or by bicycle. But Maps is much more than maps. And with this workflow you’ll put the service to the next level.

On Safari

I am a browser geek. I have always been. Those past 15 years, I have been switching from one browser to another in order to see what’s new. Those past twelve months, I have been sticking to Safari.

On the MacBook Pro Touch Bar

I bought the MacBook Pro Touch Bar when it just came out. I have been using that new machine on a daily basis. It has some good points. And some very bad ones. Here are a few thoughts.

On Geotags in Tumblr

Do you travel often ? Do you like to share information about the places where you go ? If so, then this article may be helpful. I’m going to show you how you can display a Google map along with your blog posts in order to share your geographical location.

On 404 pages in Tumblr

Tumblr may not provide a self-hosted solution it neverthless offers a great blogging platform. Sure it has some limits. For instance by default, you cannot create a custom 404 page. Well, with this hack, now, you can. And it’s actually quite easy.

On Apple as a company

What is Apple? Is it a hardware group, a software enterprise, a media provider? They’re doing so much stuff that the Cupertino-based giant does not seem focused anymore. But it certainly seems to be a great business.

On Chromebooks

When Google unveiled Chrome OS, the company was sending a strong message: the Web, as a platform, is the future. Chrome OS offers some great advantages - and some disadvantages. So should you buy a Chromebook?

On Apple photo services

We may be reaching the end of 2017, it nevertheless seems many people enjoy a great photo print. I have the feeling that this industry has somewhat been left out where I can perceive a huge business opportunity.

On a premium Tumblr concept

What will become of now Verizon-owned Tumblr? No one really knows. Jeff D'Onofrio is left in charge. Tumblr currently does not make much money. Here is how I view things for a premium Tumblr subscription.

On an Apple NAS Concept

In every single aspects, business, hardware, consumers, developers... it would make sense for Apple to launch their own NAS offering to compete with Synology.

On Snapnator, the fraud

If you are waiting to receive your Snapnator and plan to use it with your smartphone or MacBook, please, don’t. Mine burnt and messed up with my USB-C cable. Here is what happened.

On Yahoo! Mail 2017 edition

There was a time during which when Yahoo! launched a new version of its Webmail, all the tech blogs would talk about it. Ten years later, I'm alone.

On my MacBook Pro Server

I recently took the challenge to set up my former MacBook Pro as a personal server. It enables me to manage medias, file synchronization, and remote desktop/files access. Here is how I did it.

On NSA, FBI and Mail Encryption

After the Snowden affair, big webmail providers promised to secure their service from governement intrusion. Yet, they failed to keep their promise. FBI and NSA won. And we all lost.

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