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Why does Apple ignore the photo print business ?

September 15th 2017

Why does Apple ignore the photo print business ?

We may be reaching the end of 2017, it nevertheless seems to me that most of the people that I encounter do enjoy a great photo print. I have the feeling that this industry has somewhat been left out where I can perceive a huge business opportunity.

Should it be Apple or Google, whenever they unveil a new smartphone, they spend a great deal of time on the camera design and specs. I'm not a professional. I would not even say that I take great pictures. But I love to share some of them from times to times. What amazes me is that none of those tech giants actually offer a direct service to order prints right from their phones.

Sure, they are tons of third-party applications available on their stores. Sure Apple enables you to create a few things, from prints to collages or books and calendars from the Photo app on the Mac. But why on earth isn't that service available from the iPhone ? After all, that's where all the fun is: point, shoot, edit, add a filter... why not add an option to order a print ? Why not add an option to send a print to grandma right as the fun is happening ?

Let's say I have this ability to order prints right from the iPhone from Apple. I'd probably order one print per week. Now let's say that print costs 50 cents. That's about $25 per year for one user. Now how many users would be likely to do like me ? Tons I'm sure. But strangely enough, Apple does not seem to be interested in offering such a service.

I'm sure they could come up with some great iPad app to create collages and books. If not, they could surely buy a couple of companies and create a task force for this purpose. In fact, all I can do right now is add photo to my Favorites on my iPhone so I do not forget to order them as prints from my Mac.

I believe this is too much of an opportunity for Apple and Google not to be aware of it. I'm truly sensing there is something more to that. Probably some sort of ecological issue - yup, that's all I could have come up with. Cause if thousands of people are ordering prints or sending photo-based cards to family members each day, then yes, there would surely be some sort of ecological issues.