Manhattan Vibes

Tumblr Template

Fullscreen, customizable splash header.
Customizable grid layout
Text post are suited for longform articles
A complete section to introduce yourself

Manhattan Vibes is a responsive and highly customizable Tumblr theme. It's Bootstrap-based, has a grid layout and parallax effects.

Preview Install
  • - Customizable Giant header
  • - Customizable Parallax images
  • - Customizable Grid layout
  • - Dynamic slide menu
  • - Responsive layout
  • - All post types supported included Panorama posts and reblog mentions
  • - Tag pages and Search pages
  • - Twitter integration
  • - Instagram integration
  • - Social network icons
  • - Post Author names for multiple publishers
  • - Rich and customizable "About section"
  • - Disqus integration
  • - Post notes integration
  • - Localization : theme available in all languages supported by Tumblr
  • - Choose your own big header image for a great personal branding
  • - Choose two more images that will be displayed with a neat parallax effect as your visitors scroll down
  • - Upload your own logo to replace the blog title
  • - Choose a grid layout with 3 (default) or 2 columns
  • - Choose the background color and the links color of the dynamic slide menu
  • - Custom the appearance of your Tweet feed
  • - Don't be afraid to talk about yourself in Tumblr's Description form because...
  • -... for a punchy, short and effective baseline, there is an extra dedicated section
  • - Text, Link, Quote, Answer and Chat posts can have their own respective accent color, go pick your favorite ones !
  • - All post pages (permalinks) have been optimized according to their content. Text posts, for instance will be great for longform writing and your pictures will stand out in your photo posts
  • - Choose the number of tweets you want to display in the About Section
  • - Want to display your latest Instagram shots in the About Section ? Head over to and create your own widget. We recommend you choose the value 75px for the "Thumbnail Size" and a layout of 3x1 or 3x2 depending on the lenght of your description Then simply copy and paste the code into your theme customization page into the appropriate field
  • - Show or hide the Search form
  • - Show (default) or hide the About Section
  • - Show or hide (default) avatar in the About section
  • - Show (default) or hide a link to your Liked posts on Tumblr in the About Section
  1. - Click on "Install", you will be redirected to the official Tumblr directory
  2. - Click again on "Install" over there
  3. - If you have several blogs, choose the one onto which you want to apply the theme

Licence and Terms of use

Free templates are provided "as is" and without support

You can use this template in any personal, open-source or commercial work without obligation of payment (monetary or otherwise) or attribution.

You can modify any element of this template

You can not sell, sub-license, rent, transfer, host, redistribute this template. (either in existing or modified form).

Credits are appreciated but not mandatory

Looking for more ?

You may want to visit my portfolio and view some of the projects that I worked on. Most of those templates are available for free. But if you are looking for something specific then you can hire me

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