Yahoo! Mail Clean & Modern



This is a UserStyle for the Stylish extension available for Chromium-based browsers and Firefox or for any other extensions that inject css (eg. Cascadea on macOS). The idea was to have a clean & modern layout for Yahoo! Mail.

Preview and Download
  • - Clean UI without gradient
  • - Highlight message color
  • - Remove scrolling bar in message view
  • - Blue theme (view instructions to change color)
  • - Works across address Book, calendar and notepad
  • - Note : Works best with a non photo-based initial Y!Mail themes
  • - Install Stylish on Chrome or Firefox
  • - Click here to download the Yahoo! Mail Script
  • - Open the script with the Stylish extension
  • - Look for the /*Blue Theme code section around line 30
  • - Replace the hexacode #1FA4C2, with your own
  • - You may use to find the hexacode corresponding to your favorite colo

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